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Bhajan Kutir at Radha-kunda
Project index entry last updated: 28th of November, 2006 - 17:17
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We have long sought for a life of peaceful, uninterrupted bhajana at Radharani's feet. The blessed time of living at Radha-kunda on a permanent basis has finally come, but a part of the master plan is yet to be fulfilled...

While we have already secured a piece of land, the building of the bhajan kutir is still pending. Funds need to be raised, plans need to be finalized, and the work needs to begin.
Miscellaneous Projects
Project index entry last updated: 2nd of February, 2007 - 20:31
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The many other projects at various stages of completion, some actively developed, some on the back-burner and some indefinitely suspended – they're all out there. A detailed chart of what's happening with each is available at www.madhavananda.com.

We're calling out for volunteers to contribute funds and labor to help keep things going in our absence from the active'st alleys of the cyberspace, tucked away as we are in our bhajana-caves.
  • Project Index (Jan 20th 2007): The complete project index: Read about ongoing work in the fifty something open projects and learn of possibilities for participation.
  • Vilasa Kunja has moved (Feb 4th 2007): Vilasa Kunja forums have moved to www.vilasakunja.net – please update your bookmarks.
  • diCrunch v1.30 (Dec 28th 2006): A new version of the diacritic conversion tool is now available.
  • Gaudiya Kutir Network (Dec 27th 2006): The complete Gaudiya Kutir online index and search engine.
  • Vaisnava Bibliography (Dec 22nd 2006): Announcement of an online bibliography database of Vaisnava literature.
  • Bhasa.Net (Nov 16th 2006): A forum for studies of Indic languages — such as Bengali, Hindi, Oriya and Sanskrit — in a Vaisnava context.
  • Catalog of Projects (Oct 30th 2006): A summary catalog of most ongoing projects.
Lake of Flowers Productions
Project index entry last updated: 28th of November, 2006 - 17:17
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Lake of Flowers originally grew out of a need to better organize and make available the media collected for this journal. Currently featuring a vast selection of video and audio materials in diverse formats from Gaudiya Vaisnava festivals in Vraja, the collection grows steadily, event by event.

You'll find the project online at www.lakeofflowers.com — over 100 gigabytes of devotional media for free download!
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