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Search results for truth - 19 matches:
1. Knocking on the Cocoon (17/01/08 - 5:56am)
. . . e-mail brought in a comment from Anonymous: "Little late. You already misled many..." Truth there is in his words, there's no denying that. Blind man sees the TRUTH in a blind man's response, alas the irony of that. Little late is . . .
2. Asperin Philosophies (17/01/08 - 5:31am)
. . . claims! How he forgets that perfect philosophy must be a perfect representation of the complete TRUTH, and if the complete TRUTH were indeed comprehensible to the space-time-conditioned human mind, the mind would have subjugated the complete . . .
3. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (1/02/08 - 6:13pm)
. . . someone has brought up the issue, I have since a fair while noted that there was TRUTH to what Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati said as far as corruption among the vairagis goes. It's not like much of this is news to me — I was . . .
4. When the weather report is on (4/02/08 - 7:30pm)
. . . term it would but bring damage both to me and the few readers who still are lurking out there. Truth be said, for TRUTH is all that counts in the end. I cannot keep writing forever of things that tenderly foster the sweet budding creepers of . . .
5. The Aparadha Issue (24/01/08 - 3:37pm)
. . . I write with knowledge of the said principles, making the choices that I believe are proper, TRUTHful and righteous. I realize that not everyone may agree with my judgment calls. You'll note that I have refrained from naming people. . . .
6. The Truth is Out There (17/05/09 - 10:43pm)
. . . The TRUTH is out there. Not quite here yet. Deal with it. A further assortment of photos is available for download at the download . . .
. . . clothes on to purify oneself. For that insight, I should twice respect him as genuine seer of TRUTHs, but I would like to write on how Vaishnavas should relate to each other in an atmosphere of tension. I have noticed that some are under the . . .
8. The Daily News (19/12/06 - 8:59am)
. . . think we are accustomed to that, coming from a cold country, but they couldn't be farther from the TRUTH! Yes, we ve been through -20 degrees in the midwinter, but inside houses we have triple windows and a steady +21 degrees day and night, warm . . .
9. 1008 Friends (9/01/07 - 6:26pm)
. . . sordid, or better even, stop talking to you altogether. A cruel and morbid world it is. In TRUTH, the last option is desirable indeed. Gramya-katha na sunibe, gramya-varta na kahibe. "Hear not the village talks, speak not of the world's . . .
10. Evil Rahu and the Lord's remnants (5/03/07 - 7:01pm)
. . . the offering. A meek Vaisnava may therefore consider, even if the offering was worthy in TRUTH, that he is devoid of bhakti and therefore be in doubt over whether the Lord has partaken of it at all. Thinking of the offering as tainted by . . .
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