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Giridhari's flute busted!
1st of December, 2004 - 7:30

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A crash and Radha-Krishna katha
Posted: 13th of December, 2004 - 18:14
We are now clearing out the journal backlog of the previous days. The entry for today (13th) has been expanded, and the previous two days have been added in.

In the morning, there was no water. Then, as the water came, the bucket broke. After the bath and a bit of japa, I opened my laptop. After that, the hard drive crashed. This time for good. So pardon me the delays, again.

Two young girls on the roof of a building quite some distance away insist that they wish to pose for a picture. Here goes.
On Wednesday we are going to Delhi and I'm getting a replacement, expect to see content with more pictures then. Until then, pardon the delays.

We leave to meet Baba Maharaja, but he is unavailable at the moment. We hear that beginning today, there will be a series of lectures over the following ten days or so, in commemoration of the disappearance of Sri Kunjabihari Das Babaji Maharaja, our param-gurudeva. Evidently Baba wants to be in peace and focus on the upcoming lecture. Waiting for the beginning of the patha, we go to the roof and take some photos of the environment. As time permits, I'll build a panorama of the photos to help you turn around on the roof while at the comfort of your chairs, taking a look at the environment of the village. The building is three stores high, so the view is quite good.

At four, Baba arrives. He is speaking from Srila Raghunatha Das Goswami's Gauranga-stava-kalpataru, explaining in so many ways how Gauranga is a desire-tree.

Baba relishes the writings of Raghunath das Goswami.
Baba speaks of his grace and the pastimes that took place in the Gambhira in Nilachala. How sad that our Bengali is not good enough to follow the class all that well. I can read Bengali and pretty much follow the line of thought there, but I have absolutely no practice with spoken Bengali. Baba has told, however, that purification of the heart will take place nevertheless while attending such a discourse. And hopefully, a bit of learning of Bengali, too. The difference will be in the degree of relish. I am taking the class on video, the audio will be available shortly in the media-section.

As we return home, some babas knock on our door, asking for a donation for the upcoming festival for the appearance day of Sri Virachandra Prabhu, the son of Sri Nityananda Prabhu. The festival will be held at Vyasa Ghera, which is located at the banks of Shyama-kunda. Unfortunately we won't be able to attend, as we have to go to Delhi and get my laptop back into business.

Yugal had been out for the day, and returns home in the evening. We still give my hard drive a try, and spend several hours trying to resurrect it. As usual, a long, lively conversation takes place, going over various details of the daily events in the life of Sri Radha and her palya-dasis. Mahajanas such as Siddha Krishna Das Baba of Govardhan have drawn maps of Varshana, Yavat, Nandagram and other such pastime-places in fascinating detail, and the blanks are filled in through inquiries from bhajananadi-mahatmas. There is no end to the wonders of Vraja!
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