Appearance of Radha-kunda
29th of October, 2005 - 6:57
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22nd of October, 2005 - 15:07
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14th of October, 2005 - 15:21
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3rd of October, 2005 - 3:19

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Appearance of Radha-kunda
Posted: 29th of October, 2005 - 6:57
The ashtami a few days back was the appearance day of Radha-kunda. Babaji Maharaj narrated the story of the two kundas' appearance on his class at some length. I managed to follow most of it, as I was somewhat familiar with the narration. Otherwise, I follow roughly half of what's being spoken of on the classes. I might understand a bit more if the sound system didn't make such a fuzz of the sound! The narration is, however, a whole other story I don't have the time to narrate just now. Perhaps at a later time when time is more abundantly available!

Mahabhava-svarupa Sri Radha Thakurani!
The bath was to be taken at midnight between saptami and ashtami. Prior to that, we circumambulated the kundas with a kirtan party for a good while. "Radha-kunda, Shyama-kunda — Jivane marane gati!" None of that is recorded, I didn't dare taking my camera amidst the crowds. All in all, I was surprised at how smoothly it all went. At this time, once in a year, all the holy tirthas come at once to Radha-kunda.

Of course, even without the presence of a single tirtha, the water of Radha-kunda is non-different from the maha-bhava-svarupa of Sri Radha Thakurani and thus capable of bestowing one the highest blessing of all. Regardless, in remembrance of the pastime of the kunda's appearance, devotees especially take bath at this time.

The setup on the altar at Gopinath Mandir was rather peculiar on this day. Radha was lifted to the top of the altar with Krishna and Ananga Manjari down on two sides. See the photo section for a view of how that looked like. Such a pleasing sight to the eyes of Radha's kinkaris.

The renovated fence at Jahnava Baithak, finally in place. It was torn down for some unknown reason at the beginning of Niyam Seva. I didn't see anyone falling into the kunda though.
Today: Completing yet another nirjal ekadashi. I was a bit concerned over how it'd turn out to be in the heat of Vraja, as the call for liquid is somewhat more intense than in the cool climate of Finland. To my great surprise, I wasn't even hungry on the Dvadashi morning although the paran (breaking of fast) was well after eight instead of after sunrise, as it generally is. Full fasting on ekadashi makes the mind clear and purges the body of waste and toxins, a practice favorable for bhajan on many levels.

Fortitude in bhajan grows through Niyam Seva. Increase in the quantity of bhajan, together with a grand effort to focus on the Name and our other devotional practices, make one realize how easily — with the best wishes of Hari, Guru and Vaishnavas — a deeper commitment to bhajan is sustainable. Radharani willing, we shall be carrying much of the boost with us until the unforeseeable future to come.
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