Four virtues and four methods
28th of January, 2008 - 18:58
The Buddha had some wise insights into the means for getting to know another thoroughly. While the text that inspired this blog entry is more of a chapter in general wisdom of life, the principles certainly apply in examining a prospective guru --- which has been the subject of many a discussion.
As for the misleading note
27th of January, 2008 - 9:34
My earlier note on misleading in the "Knocking on the Cocoon" entry led some to wonder what exactly I meant with that. Let's let that be clarified.
On the Siksa-guru Principle
26th of January, 2008 - 17:22
Some readers have wondered as to why one might accept a siksa-guru while the diksa-guru is still present. There are also a number of other considerations that are in place on the under-explored theme of the siksa-guru.
The Aparadha Issue
24th of January, 2008 - 15:37
With themes such as have been brought up in the last two blogs, the age-old issue of aparadha again raises its hoods. Let me clarify my position on this. First, I would like to acknowledge that I have read all the scriptural references on Vaisnava-aparadha as well as most, and have given due thought to them. When I write as I write, I write with knowledge of the said principles, making the choices that I believe are proper, truthful and righteous. I realize that not everyone may agree with my judgment calls.
TBI - Part 2 - Looking at the foundations
24th of January, 2008 - 11:40
I had initially thought of being much more reserved in over the depth in which I'd be writing of all this. However, as I realize there is nothing for me to lose in being more open, let's hear the full story. It'll certainly help people get an idea of where I'm at, and also learn of the route I've had to take. Writing is also a good form of processing the experience to ensure the removal of repressions from the subconscious. These entries seem to be becoming a bit elongated; I write as it comes. Read if you will, don't if you won't. Let's travel back in time to last spring...
The Babaji Incident - Part 1 - What blew it all
21st of January, 2008 - 14:42
Some were wondering about the details of my abruptly concluded stay with the babaji during Niyama-seva and a bit beyond. I was more than brief in my note after moving back to my own precious peace, after all. As I noted, the experience left me with many lessons in life. I have edited the earlier blog entry to remove references that would identify him by name to give me space to write more freely of the experiences, of which many may find something to learn. This is the first write-up in what I surmise will be an interesting series.
Application for 180 days of jail
18th of January, 2008 - 16:56
This is a translation of my letter of refusal from military and civil service sent to the Finnish civil service authority, should it be of interest.
Knocking on the Cocoon
17th of January, 2008 - 5:56
"Little late. You already misled many..." --- said the anonymous commentator on an earlier blog entry.
Asperin Philosophies
17th of January, 2008 - 5:31
Some of you have been missing philosophical writings. Here goes: Unity and difference of Atman and Brahman, doctrinal trouble with different strata of philosophy fused into a single doctrine, and God's creation of the chicken and the egg.
The Bodhisattva's Cocoon
16th of January, 2008 - 5:16
Some may have wanted to take a peek into my psyche for insight into the fundamental reasons of my present direction into solitude, the underlying impetus of my turn from the dim limelights of outreach. What has made the once almost all-permeating wish to help others subside? Is the bodhisattva now staring at the navel of his own fat belly?
About Sahajiyas, Ogres and Other Ominousities
2nd of January, 2008 - 15:46
This blog is here to clarify my views on sahajiyas, orthodoxies, ogres, blue flamingos and any number of other such subjects and entities people might be wondering about.
Difference between ISKCON and Gaudiya
2nd of January, 2008 - 11:03
Excerpt from correspondence.
Websites future - Input sought
1st of January, 2008 - 5:33
As a careful reader will have noticed, by sometime in the summer I will be dropping out of the GV internet scene altogether (occasional e-mails aside.) It is unlikely that I am to return, this transition off the world of internet has been a long time coming and is now nearing its definite final phase. Your input is sought.

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Application for 180 days of jail
Posted: 18th of January, 2008 - 16:56
This is a translation of my letter of refusal from military and civil service sent to the Finnish civil service authority, should it be of interest. It was mailed in an appropriate home-made envelope. =)

1. January 2008


Respected civil service authority,

I hereby announce my unconditional refusal from civil service, for which I pleaded transfer for by force of circumstances in 2001 at Santahamina after a day of military service. I understand that I am hereby committing a crime, and request that a judgment be given as prescribed in the Finnish law.

I hereby also announce my unconditional refusal from possible labor service and other common duties and events in the jail. I demand to be located somewhere into a distant, isolated corner of the prison, beautified by people with their absence, and left there for the duration of my entire sentence without holidays, visitors or disturbances.

Please note that during my stay in the prison I cannot enjoy the meals you prepare owing to the suddha-ahara principle I follow (“pure diet”, vide Jewish “kosher” and Muslim “halal”). My only possible nutrition aside milk in prison circumstances is raw and whole fruits and vegetables that can be washed prior to eating, and that haven’t been kept in contact with animal products involving slaughter.

A few words on the rationale of my decision.

Living in India, I am a mystic, student and teacher initiated in and committed to an ancient Hindu tradition. I have familiarized myself with military service, briefly also in practice, and concluded that the upholding of the personal vows and principles I observe owing to my religion and ideology is a sheer impossibility. The 395 days of civil service offered as an alternative (in contrast to the 180 day military service) I consider poor humor at best.

I have lived in India permanently since 09/2006 and altogether approximately half of the past decade. I have left behind everything in Finland, having built my future here. I will be seeking for Indian citizenship as it becomes possible — and if necessary, will thereby also renounce Finnish citizenship. (One may become a citizen through naturalization after spending 11 years within 14 years in India.) Regrettably the current Finnish law (constitution 1: 5§, citizenship law 1: 4§ and 5: 35§) does not under the circumstances make it possible for me to renounce the now practically unnecessary Finnish citizenship. Demanding the carrying out of the military service — what to speak of the 395 day civil service offered as an option in my case — is not something I consider reasonable as a mere token of gratitude for the years of the past.

I take it that enough has been said on the constitutional liberty for religious faith and practice (2: 11§) and its contradictions with the compulsory military service law, as well as on the report of the UN human rights committee (04/11/2004) and the statements of the EU human rights commissioner (04-07/06/2001, 29/03/2006) on the rights and treatment of conscientious objectors. I take it that enough has also been said on the proclamations of the EU Social rights committee (2004) and the UN human rights commission (1998) on the Finnish compulsory service practice.

Please do note that I live in rural India, not at the Finnish mailing address noted at the end of the letter. Therefore, receiving registered letters is complicated; if your response must be sent in registered mail, please send it as a letter that can be received by an authorized person at the post office. If possible, please also send a copy of your response either via e-mail to the following e-mail address or to the Netmail box corresponding to my postal address.

Friendly regards

Markus Oskari Loponen
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