Arriving at Radha-kunda
16th of September, 2006 - 6:47
Phase B of Migration
13th of September, 2006 - 6:53

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Arriving at Radha-kunda
Posted: 16th of September, 2006 - 6:47
The flavours... The atmosphere... Vrindavan, my love!

Safe and sound with Radharani's kripa, we arrived at Radha-kunda Friday morning at 8 AM. The travel went smooth, and even the seven-hour wait at Moscow airport was actually a welcome break that let us catch up with some badly missing sleep.

Arriving, we got the keys from Radhanath and spoke for a moment, brought in our bags, cleaned up a bit, took shower, woke up Giridhari and did a semi-improvised puja in absence of much of the utensils still packed away somewhere in metal trunks. Quickly, somewhat impatient after six months out, we then headed over to Radha-kunda for the darsana of Sri Kunda herself – after Vaisnava-darsana. Babaji Maharaja was scheduled to arrive later on in the afternoon from Bengal.

A very beautiful meeting – words fail – we feel so very happy and fulfilled here. Staying in Vraja in the sadhus' company is a home more than any home could ever be. With Kunda-parikrama and Vaisnava-darsana, we also conveyed the heartfelt prayers of some dear friends, who had sent their wishes with us; why would Radharani not answer the calls of those, who want nothing but her seva?

Practically, we are still very much in the process of settling down, with a whole lot of cleaning and arranging to do before life normalizes. I seem to be having some issues with my phone as well – we are heading to Mathura the day after tomorrow for registering with the F.R.O. and I'll hopefully get that sorted out at the same time. Expect to be hearing more from our way sometime next week, then.

May the good wishes of the Vaisnavas keep us here.
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