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Giridhari's flute busted!
1st of December, 2004 - 7:30

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Posted: 6th of December, 2004 - 21:42

Monkey at the peak of Krishna-Balaram Mandir
As we sit in the cooling shadows of Krishna-Balaram Mandir, we spot a big monkey who has climbed to the top of the mandir. Judging by the intensity of his shaking the dome, he seems to be trying to tear it down. Frustrated, he sits down and looks for opportunities for further mischief. The curtains in the temple are still closed, we'll have to go and take darshan another time.

On the other side of the Mandir, we bump into Mahanidhi Swami, our favorite saffron-wallah in the entire Vraja. He begins to tell of a recent question he had for Baba about the name of Manasa Pavan Ghat. (Manasa Pavan Ghat is one of the ghats, or bathing places, on the banks of Shyama-kunda. It is located in Subala's kunja on the north-eastern bank of Shyama-kunda.) Baba did not recall the story of the origin of the ghat's name right away, but pointed to a big almira of books. "It is there somewhere. Come back in a couple of days, and I will tell you." Baba certainly has a good selection of books at his disposal. The library at Radha-kunda must be one of the biggest in the entire Vraja.

Mahanidhi Swami
Maharaja asks whether we are heading for Radha-kunda, and if so, whether we'd like to share a ride with him. I am trying to reach Yugal once again, but to no avail. We decide then to jump into a taxi with him, as we have been ready to leave for a good while already. On the way, we discuss his latest publication, Gauranga Gita. It is a compilation of statements by Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu on a number of philosophical topics sorted according to category. The source texts are Caitanya Caritamrita, Caitanya Bhagavata, Caitanya Mangala, Caitanya Carita Mahakavya and Caitanya Candrodaya Nataka. I only took a quick look at the text at Rasbihari Lal's. He says this'll likely be his last publication, as all the works he's envisioned he has now put together. We discuss a statement appearing in the tenth chapter of Kavi Karnapura's Caitanya Candrodaya Nataka:

vRndAraNyAntarasthaH sarasa vilasitenAtmanAm AtmAnam uccair
Ananda syanda vandIkRta manasam urIkRtya nitya pramodaH |
vRndAraNyaika niSThAn svaruci sama tanUn kArayiSyAmi yusmAn
ityevAs te'vaziSTam kim api mama mahat karma tac cAtaniSye ||

"O Acarya! I'm always absorbed in My blissful luscious pastimes, residing in Vrindavaa, and I will give you all bodies suitable for joining me in these Vrindavan-pastimes in accordance with your respective tastes. That one remaining great duty I will swiftly perform!"

nijecchayA prApaya yad yad eva
sthalAntaraM no vapur antaraM vA |
tavaitad Azcarya caritram eva
jAti-smarA eva ciraM smarAmaH ||

Acarya replied: "By Your wish we may attain whatever you want, in any other abode or body. We will eternally remember our origin in your wonderful pastimes!"

Sometimes the question is asked, "How is it possible that you worship in manjari-bhava? After all, your guru-pranali descends from Dhananjaya Pandit, whom we know as Vasudhama-sakha, one of the Dvadasa-gopalas, as given in Kavi Karnapura's Ganoddesa-dipika." From the text above, we may understand that many parshadas have multiple svarupas for participating in a variety of pastimes. Dhananjaya Pandit also has a manjari-svarupa. There are many others, too. For example, Nitai himself sports in the madhurya-lila of Radha-Shyama as Radharani's younger sister, Ananga Manjari. Why, then, would Nitai's companions be deprived of madhurya-rasa?

Baba on his evening walk.
As we reach Radha-kunda, we drive past Baba Maharaja. The taxi stops, and Mahanidhi Swami cheerfully offers pranams to Baba. Baba laughs in his usual jolly manner. We drive on a bit more, and reach Radharani Sweet Shop. Take a right turn at Radharani's Sweet Shop, says Maharaja, and you'll find my ashram. Last time we met, he was on his way to lay the corner stone for the construction, so we haven't really seen the place yet. Now we know where it is. We promise him to pop in for a visit one day.

Heading towards Gaura Dham, we meet Baba on the way. He says he has some letters that should be sent to devotees who have written to him. We promise him to come and visit him as soon as we drop the bags off our backs, and as he has returns from the walk. As we meet again, Baba checks whether our room is all right, and whether all arrangements are now in good condition. "What about water?" We take bottled water, and mention the same. Baba says that nowadays he also has to drink bottled water to keep up his health. Baba gives us the letters to be sent, and we return home. The electricity is off, apparently this has been the case for several hours now. We later learn that a private corporation has set out to purchase the government's electric services, and the workers have gone on strike. The news is out that the entire U.P. will be blacked out for three days. Let us see and hope for the best.
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