Thoughts for Radhastami, Radharani's festival!
31st of August, 2006 - 16:17
Catching up with the world...
26th of August, 2006 - 16:15
CA (Aug 15th-16th): An Evening in Sacred Vrindavan
14th of August, 2006 - 16:14
Krishna's Wonderful World
1st of August, 2006 - 16:11

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Catching up with the world...
Posted: 26th of August, 2006 - 16:15
I have a lot of catching up to do after returning to Finland apologies to everyone who are waiting for replies to their messages and comments. We are moving to Vrindavan mid-September, so it's not like the show is over after a very intense and fulfilling two week program in the U.S. either...

On August 15th, we had a beautiful program at Jyoti Mandir, Encinitas, CA, themed "An Evening at Sacred Vrindavan".

The program, with an audience of 31 guests, was a blend of narrative and kirtan. The audience participation was overwhelming I don't think I saw a single individual who would have just sat around in the audience...

The following is a recording of the event (22.9 MB): Download
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