Heads up on my Kartika plans
25th of August, 2007 - 11:26
For those of you planning to come to Vraja on Kartika, if your plans involve anything concerning me, then please take a moment to read this through.
Natural progress
2nd of August, 2007 - 11:54
Reflections on natural progress in devotional life and on paradigms of the past that haunt us, self-imposed hang-ups stifling the evolution and growth of our spirit.

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Heads up on my Kartika plans
Posted: 25th of August, 2007 - 11:26
I have, for long, been waiting for an opportunity to drop off the grid for a substantial period and dedicate myself to the Name. It was supposed to be during Purusottama-month, but alas life kept me engaged enough to make it impossible.

I am not going to miss my chance again, especially with the uncertainties that loom ahead in the not so distant future. (More on those at a later time.) Bhajana is life. Bhajana is what I came here to do, and damned be if I don't get the opportunities and avenues I wish for.

I will be completely off the grid from mid-October until the end of November. I will not be visible, I will not be audible. The period will be spent observing mauna, a vow of silence, at an undisclosed location. Therefore, if your travel plans for some reason involve meeting with me, please be sure to schedule your visit in a way that allows us to meet before the 14th of October or at the very end of November or early December.

Bless this wretch, pray that I may find my air to breathe, pray that I may be saturated with the grace elixir of life, pray that I would find myself fulfilled in my bhajana. Dandavat to you.
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