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Meeting with Baba
Posted: 27th of December, 2004 - 17:02

Tarun finally meets Babaji Maharaja.
Meeting Baba, we introduce Tarun to him. Of course Baba already knows him, since they have been exchanging letters over the years. Yugal says that Tarun leads the statistics with his fifty something letters. Baba is also happy to meet Tarun Kishor, finally. He had come over once before, but got no chance to meet Baba, who was in West Bengal at that time.

A few minutes into the conversation, Tarun asked about whether Babaji Maharaja would be so kind as to bestow diksha to him. Tarun wondered whether he was qualified for it, or not. Baba told that there was certainly no problem there. From all those letters, he said, he knew both Tarun's heart and mind. Taking up the panjika, Baba sought for a suitable date for diksha. Since there were no festival days in sight before Tarun's departure, purnima 29th would be the day.

After the darshan, we returned to our house and went through all the pictures Yugal, our dedicated archiver,

And the meeting is joyful...
had taken on the parikrama. A big thank you to him for supplying some of the photos in the previous entry detailing the parikrama of Radha-kunda.

We concluded the day with a tasty evening snack, thereafter ensuring that everything was in place in Tarun's room. He was very happy of his experience. It is very important, we noted, that there are people in the dham whom you know and who can show you around to ensure a positive experience. Otherwise, one may easily feel a bit lost and alone in the grand world amidst the cultural shock and the complexities of life in India.

Feel free to drop us a mail if you're coming this way.
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