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29th of September, 2005 - 15:17
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28th of September, 2005 - 23:45
Mumbling and muffled thoughts
28th of September, 2005 - 0:04

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Mumbling and muffled thoughts
Posted: 28th of September, 2005 - 0:04
I met today with an old friend who encouraged me to write. Then, I came across another old friend's blog I hadn't seen before, which reminded me of my own, badly neglected blog. Then I received an e-mail from Steve via Lake of Flowers, and the mail encouraged me to write again at Vraja Journal, as it was one of the best Gaudiya sites in the whole wide world of internet. Alas, so here I am, and I write. Thank you, Steve.

Malati leaving for Vraja, Helsinki int'l airport.

I'm not in Vraja yet. My flight leaves on October 5th, a six-week stay. I wish I could stay longer, but right now I need to keep some focus on gathering income. Otherwise, how will we ever migrate to Vraja? Malati left already last Saturday and gets to spend two extra weeks at Radha-kunda. We'll return together on November 18th, soon after Rasa-yatra.

Many are probably wondering, "What happened to the rest of the story?" Well, as I said, we do have notes from the whole last visit to Vraja. I just never got around to typing them in. I have this habit of trying to make everything so damn fine and extensive, and I never found the time for that. I guess it's better to have something going on here than nothing at all, since people are watching this space. I'll drop in an oldie every now and then, and will cover the previous trip eventually, too. Even if only to again remember all the good things that happened, fondly reflecting on all the blessings and grace of the Vaishnavas we received. Right now the notes are somewhere with Malati, I haven't a clue where. They were so secret that she wouldn't allow me to read them, and she was supposed to type them in for me as the skeleton for the blog. As the family tradition goes, time didn't obey her, either.

I've now introduced RSS-feeds to help everyone keep track of what's going on with the blog. If you aren't familiar with the concept, please read the tutorial at Gaudiya Discussions. Watch this space, and bear with me if I sound more shallow than at my best moments in Vraja.
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