Arriving at Radha-kunda
16th of September, 2006 - 6:47
Phase B of Migration
13th of September, 2006 - 6:53

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Phase B of Migration
Posted: 13th of September, 2006 - 6:53
We are moving to phase B of the plan in about nine hours from now.

Our samsara has shrunk to a size that fits our suitcases, comfortably small. We have carried out hilarious quantities of garbage and other useless items and materials from a stock we never knew we have, and I am just back from burning a 100 liter plastic bag filled up to brim with all those sacred relics none would take and that can't go to garbage. My jacket didn't catch fire, and the officers didn't catch me, so it was success by all counts.

I have a ton of things pending on my list of things I would have wanted to do here but can also do in Vraja, and I can't even begin to think where to start thinking about it all. I have a bunch of letters to everyone, I'll get back to them soon. I haven't forgotten anyone.

We have, somehow or other, collected more towards the plot. We're still in the dark over how the house itself is going to materialize. We had hoped to start building our little kutir before the end of the year, but by all practical calculations it seems unlikely it's going to happen – especially with one major web development project, the biggest by all counts in comparison to the peanut jobs I've been doing to get bills paid, that was in the air since months got cancelled last week. I need to invest more of the couple of spare hours I have in a day into work that generates some income. As for how all that translates into reality as far as all things I've been doing online for the devotee community during the recent years, it's a bit shrouded in the mystery for now as I haven't gotten around to sitting down and evaluating where we're at, what can or should be done, and what needs to stay on the backburner or in the freezer for the time being, or indefinitely. I suppose I'll have a better chance to look at all that when I'm a bit settled in Vraja.

Settling a bit, I expect that to start happening by early next week latest. We are reaching Radha-kunda Friday morning local time, 10-ish it should be if all goes as planned.

Please take some dust off your feet and throw it our way – we can use all godspeed we can get for the journey. The journey of a lifetime it is indeed – a one-way ticket both literally and in so many other ways.

Jaya Sri Radhe Radhe!
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