Destination Varanasi
28th of February, 2008 - 13:22
Leaving within the hour. It just dawned to me that Siva-ratri is right behind the corner, and Varanasi is approximately on the way...
Bengali lessons concluded
26th of February, 2008 - 15:53
Two months of Bengali lessons with Sakhicharan and Bisakha came to a conclusion today with the last chapter of the textbook discussions finished.
New section: Downloads
26th of February, 2008 - 7:55
A new section has been opened, hosting a number of media for download.
Raganuga for grabs
25th of February, 2008 - 21:26
Raganuga.Com and Raganuga.Org are available if someone wants to take the domains over and begin something anew.
Vraja Journal Digest - Newsletter discontinued
25th of February, 2008 - 7:52
The newsletter is discontinued in favor of a RSS newsfeed. I'm also heading towards Orissa in a few days, will be away for the better part of two months.
25th of February, 2008 - 3:44
I received a letter asking about the specifics of the design Visakha-sakhi draws on Radha's forehead after her morning bath, otherwise described as kama-yantra in Govinda-lilamrita. This is the reply.
Project Index - Concluding words
23rd of February, 2008 - 19:16
The project index at Madhavananda.com is indefinitely frozen. These are the concluding words posted today in the news section in announcing the same.
Soundscapes Reloaded
22nd of February, 2008 - 14:16
This is a continuation of the earlier blog entry featuring random sounds from Radhakund.
The Eve-teasing Problem
21st of February, 2008 - 15:24
In light of the recent rape and murder of Ananda-lila, an Australian girl who was staying in Vrindavan, people have asked for my comments on the culture of sexual harassment regrettably prevalent in India, sometimes labeled "eve-teasing", a rather archaic and tidy expression for an ugly social wrong.
Project ongoings
19th of February, 2008 - 11:09
Notes on diverse projects as the show is winding up. The ongoing-section of Vraja Journal retires.
Levels of Mantra and Meditation
17th of February, 2008 - 5:22
There are different levels on which a mantra functions or may be employed. Awareness of them, along with honest assessments of one's internal mental growth and present state, can prove to be helpful. I am also contrasting them with the theology of the four common aspects we know as nama, rupa, guna and lila.
And if you want to discuss...
16th of February, 2008 - 8:49
A few days back, my friend Jijaji told me he'd like to see a feature for leaving online comments on blog entries.
Gaudiya Discussions - Archives Reloaded
16th of February, 2008 - 8:26
These are the archives of Gaudiya Discussions, the once mighty giant of online Gaudiya Vaishnava discussions, debates, history, theology, controversy and creativity...
To Russian disciples of BVNM
15th of February, 2008 - 8:57
I keep hearing from several sources that some Russian disciples of BVNM have, as I had much predicted, employed my recent writings as ammunition in their hate campaign against the babaji tradition. Since none have contacted me in person, this is my open letter to them all.
Random soundscapes from Radhakund
12th of February, 2008 - 16:23
A while back a friend asked me to record some random bits of sound at Radhakund to get a better feel of the atmosphere. Here goes.
What I really want to say
11th of February, 2008 - 16:46
I just received a comment asking: "Do you want to stop posting clarifications and disclaimers and get down to the nitty-gritty of what you want to say?" Now, what do I really want to say? <pin drop silence follows>
My insight ventures
11th of February, 2008 - 7:15
With the occasional reference to yogic or Advaitin scriptures, or Buddhist suttas for that matter, some have been wondering about my explorations of knowledge outside the classical Vaisnava canon. Let's have a brief gloss on the why and the what to give everyone a better picture of what things are all about.
For all of you who want to spread the word
5th of February, 2008 - 19:39
Today I'm writing a note to all of you there, whether you're disciples of Narayana Maharaja, gurubhais of mine, or just random folks who want to interpret what I've written and tell all about it to your pals and all. And here's what I wish to say.
When the weather report is on
4th of February, 2008 - 19:30
I'd like to put in a note to all those who would judge me for what I am as I dive into the dark depths of my heart and pull out these horrendous blog entries. And yes, also for those well-wishers who have already concluded that I am a person with zilch spiritual authority or insight and informed me of the same. As well as for anyone else who might alter their perceptions of me because of what I have written, what I am writing and what I will come to write.
TBI - Part 3 - The factors that made me credulous
4th of February, 2008 - 19:16
From my last blog in this series, you'll remember the picture of someone rather stressed out by noise and corruption, pondering his future direction. What were my inner workings in the period that immediately preceded meeting this babaji? What made me so vulnerable to being duped? That's in turn for today's blog.
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
1st of February, 2008 - 18:13
A word of clarification is in place, as my blogs as of late seem to have created some buzz in the blogosphere. Was Bhaktisiddhanta right about those bad babajis after all? My recent blogs were briefly mentioned in Jagadananda's recent blog, and a comment popped in: "Perhaps now its understood what Bhaktisidhanta was talking about...?" This needs some attention.

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Project ongoings
Posted: 19th of February, 2008 - 11:09
As you may have noticed, the link to Ongoing has vanished. I haven't really posted anything there for a small forever (a year and two weeks to be exact), and there isn't that much of unreported ongoings either. Whatever practical news of interest might show up, they'll blend in the regular blog section just well. You can still use the link above to reach the section, should there be some historical curiosities you wish to explore.

For those curious about what's on the task list as things are winding up, here's the situation at a quick glance:

General projects

  • Audio and video. I have about 10-15 hours of video and 20 of audio unsorted and unprocessed. I don't know if I'll have the enthusiasm to work on them to get them added to the Lake of Flowers archive, given the blandish feedback I've received, with the exception of a few grateful enthusiasts.
  • Books. Translations and publications. Haven't really had the energy to immerse my mind in the work, even though my written Bangla skills have come to a fairly decent level. It's a lot of hard work. If someone's interested in supporting translation work, I don't mind translating. Feel free to contact me.
  • diCrunch, the diacritic conversion tool. Fixed a few small issues today, and it's not too far from the final 2.0 release. I understand it's being quite widely used.
  • DVDs of the Lake of Flowers materials. Again, I'm uncertain as to how much demand there'd be. Mastering them takes a moment. I'd like to give it a shot nevertheless, to see if I can break even with costs the project's brought over the years.
  • Photos. Sorting all my N thousand photos by theme. I don't exactly have the patience to start writing individual descriptions for each or setting up elaborate galleries, so they'll be made available as one large PDF file per category. Expect these to show up when I'm back in Finland.
  • Sadhana Manual was a project in progress, especially during my days with Sanatana Baba. I have a great quantity of useful notes that'll probably just be put out for download as they are, where generally relevant material is there.

Specific websites

As we need to cut down on domain costs, some domains just need to go. (If someone is interested in taking them over, please contact me and we'll see what can be done. Otherwise, as they expire, they'll stay for several years with the registrant company that'll serve out ad pages and benefit from the revenue.)

  • Bhasa.Net will most likely be ditched. The concept is good, but activity is zero. We might look at the bibliography section merging under Grantha Mandira, I don't know. The data will be archived either there or at Gaudiya.Com.
  • Gaudiya.Com. One of the leading sites, will stay as it is. The "Saints" -page that was never worked on will go, replaced with a link to the archive section.
  • Gaudiya.Info. Will probably be kept as it is, it's a useful little intro site in easy language. (Even if feedback has been practically zero.) Otherwise, merged under Gaudiya.Com as an archived section.
  • GaudiyaDiscussions.Com. Was recently converted into its final archive format, will stay as it is. The ads there (when clicked) generate some income, enough to pay for the domain anyway!
  • GaudiyaKutir.Com. Now that's one abandoned hut there, I tell you that. If someone wants to hold on to the idea of its starting again (I don't), they're free to sponsor the domains. .Net can stay for as long as the domain exists; the search engine has been removed.
  • gkWiki. The concept's good, but it really is so very dead. If no change in level of activity happens during the next six months, data will be archived under Gaudiya.Com and site ditched.
  • Granthamandira still needs a fair amount of work with the back-end, although the public sections are pretty much final. It's one of the more important works I've been involved with. I met with Jagat the day before yesterday, and we were both hopeful more public response could be had, for example with regular newsletters.
  • Krishnacaitanya.Com will stay as it is.
  • Lakeofflowers.Com will stay as it is. Future media collection unlikely, processing and adding current raw collection a possibility, but no guarantees on that.
  • Madhavananda.Com. I have no idea. Clearly in its current format it's a bit redundant. The project index never sparked the response I would have hoped, in fact it sparked practically no response at all, which was one of the factors setting my current direction.
  • Madrasibaba.Org website needs to get some loose ends tied up, and I need to also give Karunamayi the means to do, or to get done future updates in my absence.
  • Padavali.Com isn't going to be developed. If someone becomes enthusiastic to key in padavali, they're free to post for example at the Vilasa Kunja padavali section. Someone will sort them out in the future when a need arises.
  • Raganuga.Com/Org will be archived under Gaudiya.Com.
  • Vilasakunja.Net will stay as it is. Forum software needs to be upgraded to phpBB 3.
  • Vrajajournal.Com will stay as it is.
  • Vrindavanart.Com will stay as it is.

Still a bunch of work there, I see. Whatever else is listed at Madhavananda.Com can be considered buried. I may have missed something obvious, in which case please feel free to let me know.

If someone's interested in chipping in a paisa or two into my pension fund (I already have ten rupees!) as a thanks for the thousands of hours and several years that went into putting all of this stuff together, or otherwise in the name of general philantrophy, below's the button that'll help in the process.

PayPal - Donate

I hope that at least some of my at times overwhelming engagement in diverse projects has brought something useful for someone out there.
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