Sands of Raman Reti
2nd of January, 2005 - 18:47
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Sands of Raman Reti
Posted: 2nd of January, 2005 - 18:47
Still out of electricity, heating up a bit of water to blend with the ice-cold water from the tank on the roof to make it through the morning shower. As the morning routines are done with, we leave with Yugal towards Vrindavan.

First stop at Braja's, where we sit down for a moment and chat on a number of topics. They are leaving soon, things are pretty much upside down there.

An outline of Yogapitha drawn on the sands of Raman Reti.
I drop my laptop and cell phone there for charging for a couple of hours, as I need to get some work done, too.

Around mid-day, Malati and Yugal head towards Loi Bazaar to take care of some practical things, while I first meet briefly with Rasaraj and Tarun Govinda, then heading out far into the fields of Raman Reti, hoping to find a peaceful place with a bit of untouched nature, with some friends with whom I was scheduled for a session on yogapitha-seva. Baba had requested me to explain the practice to them.

We headed out somewhere, just anywhere, out of civilization's reach into the fields. As none of us had taken any maps with us, I drew an outline of yogapitha on the ground and filled in the details, names and the such that couldn't be drawn on the sand, in the course of the narration. After about an hour and a half, as we are about to conclude the session,

Two local goat herders at Raman Reti.
two local goat herders come with a big flock of goats. baaa-a, ba-a-a-a-aaaaa...

They come around to check out what we are up to, and wonder what we are up to. Pointing to the drawing on the ground, the other asks, "House? House?" "No", I answer, "Radha-Shyam, Lalita-Visakhadi-sakhi-vrinda, Rupa-manjari. Yogapith-milan." Both take another good look at it. "Accha, accha!" they say, with big glowing eyes and jolly smiles on their faces. Such sweet Vrajavasis. What a piece of original Vrindavan we are having today by the kripa of Radharani.

Returning to Braja's room at MVT, I meet with Malati and Yugal again. After a brief chat, we head back towards Radha-kunda. It's already getting late, and on top of that a dense cloud of fog seems to have descended, covering the entire Vraja-mandala in its cape. The driver has to drive practically walking speed to keep the going safe, as visibility is near to zero. The trip takes us about double, if not more, the usual.

Reaching Radha-kunda, we find tha none of us had taken our torch-lights with us, as we had expected to arrive at our destination in good time before dark. The electricity is still out, and there are no lights anywhere. Whatever little light is visible is scattered in all directions by the fog, making it twice harder to navigate anywhere as the eyes won't adjust to the darkness. Eventually we bump into a familiar-looking lamp-post and take a right turn, and soon enough a left turn at the next lamp-post — which is visible from two meters away or so — reaching our house safe and sound.
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