Sai Baba Magick and Puttaparthi Mountains
31st of March, 2008 - 12:33
A few days back, as our route took us to Bangalore, we also spent a few days in Puttaparthi, the ashram of Sathya Sai Baba, the famous Hindu teacher, considered by his followers to be an avatar.
Taoist-Maoist Indiana Jones
31st of March, 2008 - 12:29
The gurubhai seers of Radhakund have now realized that I have become a Tantric and a Buddhist Sannyasi, and concluded that my fame deserves to be spread...
Theravada 4 Eva
27th of March, 2008 - 13:41
To adopt a new conceptual framework, to revise the old, or neither, or both? Thoughts in principle on evolutions, revolutions and renunciations, on current emphases and future possibilities.
Shankara, Bhagavata-purana and Advaita-vedanta
25th of March, 2008 - 4:08
The first installment in exploring earlier themes of Vedas, Advaita, Buddha, Brahmanas and so forth in some further detail.
Anger Danger
24th of March, 2008 - 16:14
With my recent writings on the evolution of my views on Hinduism, featuring a departure that to many is irreconcilable and to some also unforgivable, expressions of anger have again become a theme of some contemplation to me.
Question to Readers
23rd of March, 2008 - 5:30
I don't really have a very clear picture of the demographics of the current Vraja Journal readership. Here's a question to the readers.
Gods Forsaken, Paradise Lost
22nd of March, 2008 - 19:44
Being a Buddhist means I no longer believe in god. Right? Well, let's be a bit more nuanced here.
Buddha, Vedas and the Brahmana culture
21st of March, 2008 - 13:30
Buddhism earned the nastika (atheist or infidel) label owing to the Buddha's rejection of Vedas. However, rejecting the Vedas isn't as black and white an issue as one might assume. This is a look at the Vedas the Buddha knew of.
From the Sahajiya Watcher
20th of March, 2008 - 13:03
A gem from recent feedback from Harry Krishna, a self-appointed sahajiya watcher.
Exclusive Devotion
18th of March, 2008 - 10:45
I wish to write a few words on the "exclusive devotion" theme of an earlier entry to clarify my views on bhakti.
Exit Madhava
16th of March, 2008 - 10:41
Yesterday, Advaitadas commented on my exit in his blog. These are some reflections on his message.
Style Revision
16th of March, 2008 - 5:52
Following the change of spirit, the form of the journal has undergone a due transfiguration.
Vraja Journal - Disclaimer
15th of March, 2008 - 15:57
What's the future of Vraja Journal? It'll continue, albeit in a somewhat different spirit. Please read this disclaimer before reading any further.
Dharma Reloaded
14th of March, 2008 - 18:37
Many readers of this journal have been wondering about the evolutions in my slant on things and my spiritual direction in general. Time has come to address matters in definite terms.
Vilasa Kunja Status
12th of March, 2008 - 16:13
I'm aware Vilasa Kunja and the rest of the sites (except for Vraja Journal) are down. Here's the latest on that.
Asubha: Meeting Corpses and Death
9th of March, 2008 - 16:51
Walking around the ghats of Varanasi, death is a common sight. The large piles of firewood tell their story of the volume of corpses daily burnt.
Our Shared Journey
4th of March, 2008 - 15:03
There was an earlier blog on misleading, commenting on the feedback of someone who came forward in a rather pointed manner about it. This is something, slightly retouched, I wrote to a friend who asked whether I truly felt I had misled someone.
Delhi to Varanasi
1st of March, 2008 - 13:25
Reaching New Delhi, booking train tickets, killing a few extra hours, observing the ominous Buddha-presence, moving towards Varanasi...

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Taoist-Maoist Indiana Jones
Posted: 31st of March, 2008 - 12:29
The gurubhai seers of Radhakund have now realized that I have become a Tantric and a Buddhist Sannyasi, and concluded that my fame deserves to be spread. What they don't know is I've also become a Taoist and a Maoist, and apparently also the cool and sexy Indiana Jones of spirituality — if the following gem of a commentary I received a few days back is anything to go by. Its playful narration and the penetrating insights did keep me entertained for the better part of the day that followed — thank you, anonymous. (Or, Shmendrik the Magician, as it was signed!)

The protagonist has no existence -- no identity -- no purpose -- without the antagonist(s). Seems to me that you enjoy like anything raising the eyebrows of the highbrows, shocking, mocking and causing a fit with your wit. Well aren't you the glib young rebel?!?

There was a lunatic comedian in the early 60's named Lenny Bruce. He was the first to use four letter words in his live acts and discuss topics that were more than just controversial at the time -- they were downright verboten. He was often arrested, thrown out of clubs and cities and vilified for being so crude. As the 60's progressed the moral standards began to relax and more and more comedians were coming forth with even dirtier routines and language. Suddenly Lenny Bruce ran out of steam. He was the victim of loosened morals and attitudes and the new environment took all the wind out of his sails. He became depressed, stopped performing and eventually died of a heroin overdose in some fleabag hotel in Manhattan.

And so my young, romantic, adventurous, individualist, rebellious, intellectual, narcissistic friend —- I'm sure you will continue using the World Wide Web as your stage to perform to the delight of many -- and most of all -- yourself.

In conclusion — no ? you're not unique ? you're just loud and verbose.


By the way -- I run a translating service and we specialize in translating Bullshit into English. If I may I'd like to translate something I read recently that you wrote. Here's the English version:

"Hey everybody — look at me — listen to me — me me me — especially you females out there -- check out my photos and see how sexy I am. I'm like a spiritual Indiana Jones -- and read what I write — aren't I amazingly intelligent? Wouldn't you like me to be your guru/lover? Of course you would. I'm not going to rest until I know for sure that all men envy me and all women worship me. I know I make a good show of this whole adventurous, world-traveled, romantic seeker of truth and wisdom —- but all I'm really after is attention. I can't get enough of it. I'll do anything for attention. I can't help it. I'm a show-off. I really wanted to be a rock star but I have no talent so I'll take what I can get and use whatever I've got to get it. So please everybody -- don't stop talking about me. I love this World Wide Web. It's like my own private World Wide Stage to perform on and to display my proud peacock feathers. "

Ordinarily we charge a dollar a word but I'll let you have this translation for free. No charge. It's my offering to you for being so entertaining and so super cool. You are just so ? so ?. so ?. adorable. Oooh - I could just eat you up. Yummy.
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