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The lake of Sri Chaitanya
Posted: 18th of December, 2004 - 18:44

The Mahaprabhu-mandir is out there, somewhere.
It's incredibly foggy this morning. We had heard that the wintertime would be foggy, but had seen little of it as of yet. However, this morning we seem to have plenty enough. The big Mahaprabhu-mandir opposite us, which you've all seen before, isn't visible at all. Around ten in the morning it begins to dissolve. The fog creates a mystic, eerie atmosphere which I personally enjoyed very much, but the downside of it is in all things practical, such as trying to get your laundry dried.

The electricity was out for a good while in the daytime. Malati was amidst preparing lunch for Thakurji, the dough for the rolls had been sitting in the owen for a couple of hours or so. Eventually we figured that we were the only house in the village without electricity, our cable had broken. Chandana's younger brother seems to be an electrician in making, he fixed the problem in no time at all.

Babaji Maharaja giving patha.
I leave for the patha with Yugal and Braja, who has come over for a visit to meet Baba, and Malati heads to meet a friend of hers to take darshan of her Thakurji. Baba still continues on the same theme, Sriman Mahaprabhu's lila in Nilachala, and more specifically, in the Gambhira, where he relished the heights of Radha-bhava. Baba is very absorbed in the patha, evidently he is envisioning the sports of Gauranga in his heart as he speaks. There is no end to the depth of the mysteries of the Gambhira-lila, just as there is no end to the mysteries of Sri Radha's moods of maha-bhava and divyonmada. Mahaprabhu also tasted manjari-bhava after relishing the moods of Radha, Baba told on another occasion. Narrations of Gaurachandra are a veritable reservoir of Sri Krishna's nectarine pastimes.

kRSNa-lIlAmRta-sAr, yAra zata-zata dhAr |
daza-dig bahe yAhA haite ||
se caitanya-lIlA hay, sarovara akSay |
mano-haMsa carAha tAhAte || (cc 2.25.271)

"Krishna's actions are the essence of the nectar of the gods; their hundreds and hundreds of currents stream in every direction. Send the swan of your mind to swim on the lake of Chaitanya, the fathomless spring from which they arise."

Meeting with Braja, the spirits are high.
After the class, we meet with Malati and head for Baba's darshan. Braja had come over during Purushottama-mas, too. "Oh yes, I have seen you so many times!" Baba says. Braja has brought him some medicinal knee-warmers infused with menthol and other healing extracts. They seem to be a very welcome gift, given that the cold season is right behind the corner.

In the evening time, we spot Ananda Hari at Roman's place and pop in for a visit. They seem to have become good friends. As usual, we end up discussing varieties of lofty subjects at considerable length. What does it mean that the body of a suddha-bhakta is completely spiritualized, why then do we see him suffering of disease and so forth? Can two individuals have the same ekadasa-bhava, the eleven commonly delineated aspects of siddha-deha? I am a bit too short on time to start duplicating these conversations here. To join the fun, book a ticket for Radha-kunda and fly over for a visit.
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