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The new initiates - Evening
Posted: 26th of December, 2004 - 18:13

Taking prasad.
We sat in Yugal's room for a while, I prepared a document with the diksha-mantras and some additional prayers to be recited before and after harinama-japa and after diksha-mantras. There were no versions with proper diacritics, what to speak of translations, of those yet. We are currently in the process of making substantial revisions and improvements to the various documents given out to initiates. Hopefully they will prove to be helpful in furthering the sadhana of everyone concerned, including this poor self who certainly has a lot of work to do before coming to a decent level of devotional engagement.

At around noon-time, we returned to Baba's ashram. Baba was still in the middle of taking prasad, so we sat down and waited for a while for him to complete the meal. Soon enough we were directed to sit in rows behind the samadhi-mandir of our parama-guru, Sri Kunjabihari Das Babaji Maharaja. Dina Das, Dhananjaya and some other babas served out the prasad

Keshava Das helps Baba with the hat.
In his customary style, Baba sat down chanting on a chair nearby, observing the occasion. Taking guru-prasad is a memorable event as well. When we got diksha, it was just the two of us and Baba there, and he sat right next to us there. And they served us a lot of prasad back then, Braja and Rasaraja got away easily this time...

After prasad, we discussed for a moment with Baba and took a good many pictures of him. Krishnamayi and Radha Charan wanted to have a good picture of him for their altar, seated next to parama-gurudeva's samadhi. "With or without hat?", Baba asks. Let's have both.

As the session was over, we headed to Yugal's place to see the pictures of their initiations. Yugal has a massive selection of photos of all different devotees coming to Radha-kunda, neatly sorted into dozens of folders. Having gone over the photos, Rasaraja, Braja and the rest headed back to Vrindavan, certainly with a lot to think over.

Babaji Maharaja overseeing the situation.
In the evening, we returned to Baba's place for a video evening. I had some video footage of the festival of Sri Kunjabihari Das Babaji Maharaja (see the media-section) in store. Baba wanted to see something of the parikrama, as he could not participate himself due to his persistent knee-problems. He was very happy to see the compilation we had put together. We told that we also have something on the festival of Siddha Baba of Surya-kunda, in case he was interested. "I could not go," he said in a rather sad voice. In the past, he used to attend all of them, but in his old age it had become too difficult to attend all these gatherings of Vaishnavas. With pleasure, if only I can be of service to him, too, while collecting all these materials to the devotees out there, then that would be wonderful indeed.
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