Thoughts for Radhastami, Radharani's festival!
31st of August, 2006 - 16:17
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Thoughts for Radhastami, Radharani's festival!
Posted: 31st of August, 2006 - 16:17
Tomorrow is Radhastami, perhaps the most important of all celebrations for the Gaudiya Vaisnavas, who cherish manjari-bhava, the heart's feeling of an identity as Radha's maidservant, as their all in all. We observe vrata, fasting as on Ekadasis; abhiseka, a bathing ceremony, takes place in the afternoon.

Remember Radha, call for the shelter of her feet; sing songs describing her birth, sing songs crying out for her service! Place a beautiful painting of her on a separate dais, worship her and drown her in streams of flowers, and bathe her with tears of love.

bhajAmi rAdhAm aravinda-netrAM
smarAmi rAdhAM madhura-smitAsyAm |
vadAmi rAdhAM karuNa-bharArdrAM
tato mamAnyAsti gatir na kApi ||

"I worship Radha, the lotus-eyed one;
I remember Radha with her sweetest smile;
I speak of Radha, who melts with compassion;
Then, aside her I have no goal anywhere at all."

Some beautiful tidbits of reading for the occasion:

I would also like to attach an image of my Giridhari from last year's celebration:

~ Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe! ~
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