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Unspeakable beauty
Posted: 1st of January, 2005 - 17:21

Lion guarding the Mahaprabhu-mandir.
Most of the forenoon we spend on the roof, sitting and chanting. As I'm working on a simple 3D-illustration of yogapitha, I'm popping over to the Mahaprabhu-mandir nearby to have a look at the lions at the gates from all possible angles. I seem to be having problems sketching together lions. While there, I bump into a Bengali gentleman who, as it turns out, is almost our neighbor. He relates how the mandir is unique in its style among the temples of the entire Vraja-mandala. It truly is gorgeous with all the fine detail that has been put into it.

In the afternoon, we head with Yugal to meet Babaji Maharaja. Baba opens the discussion by narrating how the beauty and wonders of yogapitha are far beyond the reach of our mental abilities, and through the mere powers of the mind we cannot possibly conceive of the realm of lila. Baba instructs, "When you will understand, then you will also not be able to speak of it..." (See the media-section for an audio file of this.) I then show him the yogapitha-illustration I have sketched together, inquiring whether everything is in place there. Everything is correct, and I am very happy about it, not the least for the sake of my own bhajana.

Radha-Madanmohan with Lalita-sakhi.
Baba says that such illustrations and explanations will be helpful in clarifying the subject matter for all sadhakas engaged in the practice of lila-smarana.

After the darshan, we do our daily kunda-parikrama with Yugal. The pujari at Radha-Damodara is friendly and affectionate as always, and we spend a moment discussing the beauty of Radha-Damodara. In the course of the parikrama, we also make a new friend, the pujari of Radha-Madanmohan, who takes excellent care of the thakurjis there. He invites us in to take darshan closer, shows us the bhajan-place of Sanatana Goswami, and gives us some maha-prasad, tulasi and flowers from the altar. A very sweet person. For such seva as his for thakurji, we are always happy to offer a donation.

As we reached our house, the electricity was off. And it was off for the entire evening. Yugal came over in the course of the evening, and we did kirtan for a good while. Kirtan in the candle-light. As it turns out, he also recorded it. A historical occasion, he said of it, being the first Western kirtan at Gaura Dham.
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