What the Journal will feature
31st of October, 2006 - 6:10
Journal Resurrected
28th of October, 2006 - 16:58

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What the Journal will feature
Posted: 31st of October, 2006 - 6:10
The style of the journal will change from the earlier "daily report" approach to a more free-flowing blog-styled writing. Rather than being an attempt to conform to some particular format, it'll feature whatever I feel is meaningful and worth expressing. The entries will also appear at more random intervals. It should make for more interesting reading, given that each entry is born of free inspiration rather than a sense of duty.

The views section will keep going on at its own pace as it used to, no dramatic changes there. I keep the camera with me every so often, and the thing seems to be taking decent photos.

There is a new section called Ongoing. The main Ongoing page has permanent index entries for a number of ongoing projects, entries coupled with further information and updates. They will not feature on the front page, you'll need to check the Ongoing page separately or subscribe to the newsfeed (at the bottom of the page).

The site URLs have been converted to a more meaningful convention. The entry title is now reflected as a part of the address. You would then have, for example, /blog/Journal_Resurrected instead of /index.php?blog=263. Some other technical improvements have also been rolled out.

Some more upgrades will fall in place over the next week. I don't think I will be adding in a comment section for the time being – those wishing to discuss can do so at Vilasa Kunja. There will be links for an easy-printing format and for e-mailing entries to friends. Quite possibly some hiccups are there that I haven't spotted or ironed out yet – please feel free to report them to me by e-mail.

This journal will be one of the few things among my ongoing projects that finds itself in more focus. I hope it will be worthwhile.
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