Journal Gone Way North
23rd of April, 2006 - 23:58

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Journal Gone Way North
Posted: 23rd of April, 2006 - 23:58
In mid-January, marking the occasion of Makara-sankranti – the day when the sun begins its northward journey – I announced that the journal would also begin its journey anew, "Vraja Journal begins its northward journey" was the theme.

With the three months of silence that followed, Vraja Journal has indeed gone north now – way north..

There are two main reasons for this.

1. Life in Vraja has gone increasingly towards the direction of exclusive bhajan, and we are not particularly comfortable discussing our bhajan in public media. Adventures and excitement have become an inward matter. We would have to censor 90% of the day if we were to write what we are comfortable writing, and nobody cares to read of how we bought sak in the bazaar, nor do I feel it's particularly relevant to write.

2. Time, the merciless destroyer of the worlds. I only have those 24 hours in a day. If I ever come across the creator, I'll make it a point to tell him my opinion of this. Things being as they are, I find it very hard to regularly find the time to contribute to the journal aside all the other projects I am running, most noteworthy among which are Lake of Flowers first of all, then the Padavali-project, and then the upcoming podcasts. Also, it's only so much I can write in a day without making it stressful, and I feel my writing best serves the devotees at Vilasa Kunja.

Hence, it appears that Vraja Journal has somewhat come to a stand-still. I'll keep it in my mind, and if some memories of particular interest for a broad public arise, I'll be sure to write them in and post a link here. I should probaly make it clear at the Journal, too. Regular contributions, however, do not seem to be a very likely reality at this point.

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